State of Black Northern Virginia 2016 event

Following is a note from the President of the Prince William NAACP:

Dear Members and Friends,
We hope that you will make room in your schedule to support the State of Black Northern Virginia 2016 event on June 4th from 1:00-3:00 at Macedonia Baptist Church in Arlington VA, sponsored by the Northern Virginia Coalition and the Virginia Leadership Institute (VLI). In addition to providing networking opportunities, this event will address three key areas:
  • “Accessing the Right to Vote in the 21st Century”
  • “Entrepreneurship and Business Development” Panel Discussion
  • “Disparities and Inaccessibility in Health, Housing, and Education” Panel Discussion
These areas address four of the six NAACP 21ST Century Game Changers. If you are interested in working to resolve disparities in Education, Economic Sustainability, Political Representation, or Health outcomes, then this event will provide an opportunity to Get Connected, Get Informed, and Get Involved. Please click here to see the  flyer for additional details and registration information.
Karl F Brower
President, PW NAACP
Empowered trough Unity

The Law and Your Community

lawThe following is an invitation from Pastor C. A. Lundy, Pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Woodbridge Va.  His message is quoted as follows:

This is Pastor C.A. Lundy at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Woodbridge, VA.  We are sponsoring the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) on Saturday, May 21, 2016 10am – 12pm and would like for you to help us pass the word to the churches in the PW NAACP.

The program is entitled:  The Law and Your Community.  The program designed for all ages and provides a forum for discussion on building relationships between law enforcement and the community.  As African American, we are at a higher risk of a negative encounter with law enforcement.  As Black men, we must be educated as to the do’s and don’ts when encountering law enforcement.  As Black fathers, we need to give our sons the “talk” and inform them on how to survive an encounter with law enforcement.

The program will address (1) What to do when stopped by law enforcement.  (2) What to expect when interfacing or being approached by a Police Officer.  (3) How to effectively communicate with law enforcement; and much, much more.  This program is the first of its kind in Northern Virginia and multiple churches have expressed an interest in attending.

Click here for a flyer containing further details on this event.

Those who are attending, please contact the Church Administrator at (703) 494-2669 … stay blessed – Pastor Lundy !



The Prince William NAACP Education Committee understands that it is the responsibility of all not just the school divisions’ responsibility to support the academic success of our children. Addressing the achievement gap in schools is a communicative and collaborative effort between school division and school leaders, teachers, parents, community members and leaders, and students.

One of the principles of Closing The Achievement Gap is Academic Supports and Interventions. Providing appropriate academic support is essential to the success of all students. Academic support entails a variety of instructional methods, educational services and school resources that help accelerate student learning.

Dr. Lacey presents at the Committee Forum.
Dr. Lacey presents at the Committee Forum.

The Prince William NAACP Education Committee held its second Closing The Achievement Gap Education Forum on April 28, 2016. The guest speaker, Dr. Renee Lacey, Director of Non-Traditional Education Opportunities for Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) oversees student management and non-traditional education programs for students in grades K-Adult education. The outcome for the forum was to help parents, community members and leaders, and organizations identify resource programs that support academic success for children in PWCS.

Dr. Lacey explained the functions of the support programs provided by PWCS. These programs include:

Adult Education                     Computer Based Instruction (CBI)

Night School                          The GED Program

Summer School                     Virtual High School

Dr. Lacey is also director of the Office of Student Management and Alternative Programs (OSMAP). It is the responsibility of OSMAP hearing officers, as designees of the Superintendent, to conduct long term suspension and expulsion hearings brought forward from schools within the division.

Dr. Lacey’s presentation was outstanding and provided a wealth of information that empowered attendees to be advocates for their children and will help our organization educate more parents and community leaders.

Our goal is to help eliminate the achievement gap. Currently the GAP exists between the performance of White and Asian students and that of Hispanic, Black and other minorities in the subjects of reading, math, and science. The PW NAACP will continue to work with, monitor, and hold accountable Prince William County Public School’s progress in all areas.

Following are some images taken during the forum: (Click image for large view.)



Criminal Justice was focus in April General Membership Meeting

Following is a message from Karl Brower, President of PW NAACP:

Dear PW NAACP Members and Friends,

The focus for the April General Membership meeting was Criminal Justice. Our discussion included ideas to establish our Criminal Justice Committee to better pursue the Public Safety and Criminal Justice game changer.

There are several efforts the unit should pursue in this regard. First, we need to build relationships with the PWC Bar Association, local law enforcement, and partner organizations (such as Virginia Organizing and Virginia Alliance Against Mass Incarceration) that are working on Criminal Justice advocacy.

Second, we should build on the momentum from the Ban the Box Initiative passed by the PWC Board of Supervisors. This means evaluating the effectiveness of this initiative on county employment of prior felons, expanding the scope of the initiative, and making impacted communities more aware of the new opportunities for employment.

Third, we need to take advantage of the restoration of rights for prior felons by Governor McAuliffe. This means using the rolls of returning citizens and getting them to register to vote.  In Prince William County there are 10,400 citizens that have returned from our prisons without voting rights. They still pay taxes, but until the executive order was signed by Governor McAuliffe, they did not have the right to register to vote. This has changed and we need to take advantage of it.

Please review this White House Economic Impact of Criminal Justice Forum. I’ts about 1.5 hours long, but it is very informative. I am not sure that I have gotten more out of 1.5 hours of information (ever!).

After watching this information, we should have at least 20 people who are ready to step up and support the Criminal Justice Committee, so that we can pursue the Public Safety and Criminal Justice game changer. If you are not doing anything to support the PW NAACP activities, this is an excellent opportunity- that will impact individual lives, communities, and the entire county. Please do not ignore this call to service.

Karl F Brower

President, PW NAACP

Empowered through Unity